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Community Garden

Our New Garden

St. David's Park Condominium now has a community garden. Residents have asked for one, and we have listened.

The garden is 16 square feet and located over the east end of the parking garage. The method we are using is called 'Square Foot Gardening'. This method was developed and popularized by Mel Bartholomew. It maximized the use of space and minimized water use, weeding, and the need to fertilize.

​The garden is filled with 'Mel's mix', a mixture of peat moss, compost and vermiculite. To make best use of the space, it is marked off into one square foot sections. Some larger plants like tomatoes and peppers need a whole square to themselves. Others, like lettuce, parsley, of Swiss chard can be planted 4 to a square. Peas and beans can be planted 8 to a square. Smaller plants like radishes can be planted 16 to a square.

​Covered protection is also in place for protection from rabbits and other critters. Vertical supports will be added to add support for peas and beans.

Please, do not use PESTICIDES.

Please join the community garden as we plant and harvest vegetables.

​Contact the office and ask to be referred to our community garden organizer who will be in contact with you.