• Owners are responsible for their pets and their behavior at all times
  • Rules and regulations apply to all animals, including those of accompanying guests. Only domestic household pets are permitted
  • All pets must be registered with the office. Registration Form
  • All dogs and cats must be in compliance with the Radnor Township Code. All dogs must be in compliance with the "Pennsylvania Dog Law" and licensed when 3 months of age or older. Visit www.radnor.com for more information
  • House Cats are limited to 2 per unit, owner's choice of size and breed
  • Dogs are limited to 1 per unit, owner's choice of size and breed
  • All pets when not on a leash are required to be keep inside a resident's unit
  • When dogs are outside of a resident's unit, they are required to be on a leash at all times and held by the resident assuming responsibility for the dog
  • No animal is permitted to relive itself (liquid or solid) on any shrub, fence, car, hallway, entrance, driveway, walkway, sidewalk or other parts of the 'common or limited common areas'
  • The designated area for dogs to relieve themselves (liquid or solid) are:
    • Grassy area across the roads away from the front of buildings
    • Grassy areas on the sides of building
    • OFF LIMITS: Areas in front of buildings and planting or shrub beds. This includes trees and lamp posts in front of the buildings
  • Solid dog waste is to be picked up immediately, placed in a plastic bag and deposited in one of the dumpsters located on the property

St. Davids Park is a pet friendly community. Please adhere to the below rules so that our community can be kept beautiful and also be respectful of those owners and residents that do not have pets.


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RULES AND REGULATIONS violations may result in fines

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