St. Davids Park Condominium Association


Noise carries easily between units. The following guidelines are:

1. No loud musical instruments, radio, TV, recording, singing practice prior to 9 AM EST Monday through Saturday or before 11 AM EST Sunday

2. No loud musical activity may occur more than 3 hours at a time

3. No loud noise activity is allowed after 10 PM EST Sunday through Thursday or after 12:00 AM EST Friday and Saturday

4. These restrictions apply to appliances such as garbage disposals, dishwashers, washers and dryers


The association is not able to respond to 'lock outs' during periods when the office is not open. It is strongly recommended that you provide a set of keys to a friend or neighbor to provide you access during a lock out. You also contact a locksmith to gain access to your unit. The association has used the following vendor in the past for these situations, which you may feel free to contact

Accurate Lock and Key in Rosemont (610) 525-1006. The normal charge is approximately $125, but may increase if after 11:00 PM EST or involves multiple locks.


Property Manager Report

1. Be aware of surroundings

2. Report unusual activity to Radnor Police

3. Keep foyer and basement doors closed at all times


The only area approved for grilling is the area over the garage near the gazebo. The grill:

1. Must not be left unattended

2. Must be removed as soon as it is cooled

3. Charcoal must be disposed of in the trash dumpster once it is completely out and soaked with water

4. May not be stored outside or in the building common areas

The grilling area must be cleaned up after use and all trash removed

Doing work in your unit? Submit this form 1 week in advance of work being done

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1. No decorations may be placed outside, on the lamp posts or in common areas without written permission of the Board

2. Curtains and outward facing drapes must be white and signs may not be hung in windows without written permission of the Board


When flushing toilets or using kitchen sinks, please consider the following to avoid sewer lines backups which can be extremely expensive

1. Use high quality toilet paper only

2. Only use toilet paper or paper suitable sewer lines or septic systems

3. Do not dispose of floss or other objects in the toilet

4. Do not dispose of rice or high fibrous vegetables or foods. Even with use of a garbage disposal, they can clog plumbing drains/lines

1. Park in the garage if you have a space

2. Once your car is cleared, consider moving it so additional areas can be cleared

3. Use ice melt in building lobbies



1. Be aware of maintenance issues and report promptly to the office both inside your unit and in common areas

2. Clear dryer vents regularly

3. Replace heat pump filters regularly

4. Change smoker detector batteries regularly

5. Keep bonus room dry and run a dehumidifier