St. Davids Park Condominium Association

"The planting of trees is the planting of ideas.

Dr. Wangari Mathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Environmentalist.

As founder of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya, Dr. Maathai taught that tree planting is a critical step toward helping to protect the environment. In the 30 years of the Green Belt Movement's existence, 30 million trees have been planted and 30,000 Kenyan women have been trained in forestry, food processing, bee keeping and other trades. This is just one remarkable story of planting trees with important results coming from a simple action.

Trees & Plants

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Residents of St. Davids Park have the opportunity to make a difference in our neighborhood by funding tree plantings or installing smaller plantings, such as flowers, annuals and perennials.

For largest tree and shrub ideas:

  • Get in contact with the management office at Shew Management with your request, your plan and your ability to self-fund the project
  • Note:
    1. You'll need to have the ability to water the planting during  the early growth phase. Direction will be provided.
    2. Saint Davids Park does not budget for plantings. At this time, all new plantings are self-funded by residents

For smaller plantings

  • You can purchase these on your own and plant them in front or nearby your building
  • Note:
    1. It's always a good ideas to check with your neighbors first
    2. All plantings need to be cleaned up before the fall and winter seasons