St. Davids Park Condominium Association

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Fill out the below form and either:

  1. Take a picture or scan to a JPG or PDF file and submit through the 'contact us' section of Attach the form in the email form to Shew Management.
  2. Fax to Shew Management at 610-430-8160.
  • Vehicles must display a parking sticker at all times. Please display on the lower side of your passenger windshield on the interior of your vehicle.
  • All vehicles should have up to date insurance, up to date registration and inspection
  • Garage spaces are individually owned. Please do not use a garage space unless you are the owner of the space or  you are a resident that has leased a garage space from the owner.

Parking space is at a premium at St. Davids Park. Please adhere to following vehicle and parking guidelines. 

Violations may result in fines and/or parking tickets

Vehicles & Parking